Importance of consuming
dairy products
Dairy products are whole foods with high nutritional values, meaning they have high content of nutrients in relation to their calories per serving.
They are excellent for fortifying, enhancing or adding vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, probiotics, etc. to our body, besides helping in the prevention and treatment of pathologies, such as: overweight, obesity, diabetes, high-blood pressure, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis.
Dairy products also are a key source of proteins with high biological value, and by consuming them we are sure to get all the aminoacids our body needs for a healthy lifestyle.
Milk and its byproducts are an essential source of calcium, a mineral that help form and keep good bones and teeth. Calcium requirements vary according to age.
Daily calcium requirements
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Calcium is crucial for growing and maintaining bones and teeth, and it also participates in muscle function, oxygen transportation, blood clotting and other body-regulating functions.
Source : Dietary Reference Intake (DRI)2011,
Institute of Medicine (IOM) . USA
Milk and dairy products are the major source of calcium in a person’s diet. Adequate intake of vitamin D and phosphorous (also present in dairy products) enhance calcium absorption.
Good nutrition in the first stages of life, complemented with regular physical exercise, ensure adequate bone mineralization and bone mass growth to face the second and third stages of life.

Recommended daily intakes can be covered by eating 3 portions of dairy products per day:
Milk - 200 ml
Yogurt - 200 g
Cheese – 30 g
Here are some ideas to help you meet these requirements:
Drink a glass of chilled milk, or a cup of warm milk with an infusion of your choice
Tostadas con fetas de queso o
queso untable.
Add cheese and milk to your food preparations, such as in sauces or purees.

Snack a yogurt drink + toast/sandwich in the afternoon
Prepare a tasty fruit milk shake or smoothie to cool off in summer

Treat yourself with a healthy snack: yogurt
with granola, cereals or dried fruit