Healthy eating
Healthy eating consists in incorporating all essential nutrients to our diet, with safe and good quality foods.
A balanced, varied and complete diet requires combining all food groups.
It is recommended to eat four meals a day, incorporating foods from different groups, planning healthy, complete and nutritious menus.

To lead a healthy life we should:
Eat 4 meals a day
Follow recommendations of Guías Alimentarias para la Población Argentina [Nutrition Guides for Argentine Population].

Do physical exercise
The importance of a good breakfast
Eating four meals a day is important, but eating breakfast is paramount.
It helps you to
Begin your day with full energy
Improve your energy use
Avoid nutrient deficit
How to prepare a healthy breakfast
Make your breakfast just as you like!
Choose an option from each group:
Dairy products
Good quality proteins, vitamins
and minerals (mainly calcium)
Vitamins, minerals and fiber
Complex carbohydrates,
fiber and vitamin B
Two examples of a complete breakfast
Infusion + fresh or toasted bread – cheese spread + jam. A glass of fruit juice.
1 yogurt + unsweetened cereal flakes + medium-sized sliced fruit.
Useful tips for lunch and dinner
Combine your breakfast the way you like it! I chose an option from each group.
Lunch is a "break" from daily routines and a midday pause.
It usually consists of a full meal, with high energy and
nutrient intake, which is later complemented
with a balanced evening supper or dinner.
Dinner should be planned taking into account the food groups
already eaten during the day. We should also try to pick
those easily digested, such as cooked vegetables, soups,
fish or dairy products, avoiding consuming them close to bedtime.
Try having a family meal every day
Avoid TV during mealtimes and engage in lively conversation with other family members, in a relaxed environment.
Use different cooking methods: Broil, bake, boil, or fry (occasionally)
Eat healthy foods in sensible portions, and encourage children to
help themselves small portions at a time, until they feel satisfied.
Encourage children to eat slowly and quietly, and serve foods at the right temperature.
Mealtime should be an excellent moment to learn good eating habits.